Heritage Society
The Heritage Society honours those alumni, parents, grandparents and friend who have provided for 91㽶Ƶ through bequests since its founding in 1920. Making a Planned Gift to Notre Dame helps ensure that the opportunity to attend Notre Dame and develop great scholars and athletes will endure for generations to come. These deferred gifts can include bequests, life insurance, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gifts of Property.
Endowed Gifts
Some Heritage Society members have provided gifts to the colleges' endowment to provide bursaries for deserving students. Endowed funds provide a stable, reliable source of funding. Choosing to support an endowed fund allows your contribution to become a permanent part of the college. Athol Murray College has over 90 endowed funds.  10 of our larger funds include:

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  • Frederick W. Hill Memorial Bursary

    Fred Hill was a prominent benefactor to 91㽶Ƶ, playing an instrumental role in the development of the College for over 30 years. Fred’s motivation and focus could be attributed to his conviction to the Christian Catholic approach -- developing mind, body and spirit. He was very focused on helping youth in particular in achieving their spiritual and educational goals. This endowment was established to honor the first president of 91㽶Ƶ and the critical role he played in the schools development.
  • Mandi Schwartz Memorial Bursary

    Driven by love for friends, family, and the sport of hockey, Mandi Schwartz was a model Hound and a national inspiration. Mandi attended 91㽶Ƶ for 3 years, serving as an exemplary student, leader and humble friend throughout the community. Mandi’s success was no surprise, given her tireless work ethic and positive attitude. Upon graduating, Mandi earned a Division I Scholarship to Yale University to further her education while playing hockey for the Bulldogs. In 2008, during her third year at Yale, Mandi was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a rare cancer that accumulates in the bone marrow. She remained a courageous and caring big sister and daughter, serving as a role model to her younger brothers (Rylan & Jaden) and young hockey players throughout the community. Mandi lost her battle on April 3rd, 2011 but there is no doubt Mandi’s passion touched the lives of millions of people and continues to do so. This bursary is awarded annually to a student who: has registered and been accepted to attend AMCND, has an 80% academic average and displays financial need. Preference is given to a student playing hockey at AMCND.
  • Isabelle Hannah Burkitt Memorial Bursary

    Isabelle was a great supported of Notre Dame and providing youth with educational opportunities. She was a strong supporter of the Mother Edith scholarship. This bursary was created in 2007 following Isabelle’s passing, through the estate of Evelyn Burkitt. Evelyn was a long-time supporter of Notre Dame. As the great aunt to a Hound, she became passionate about the philosophy and teachings of Notre Dame. The Burkitt Estate Memorial bursary is awarded annually to a student with financial need.
  • Father David Bauer Memorial Bursary

    Father David Bauer and Pere Murray were great teachers of strength and of character. They used hockey, not as a sport, but as a vehicle, to help individuals grow to their true potential. Through hockey, Father Bauer taught commitment, dedication, self-discipline and a sense of belonging amongst your teammates. What distinguished Father David Bauer from other players, coaches and builders of Canada's favorite game was his devotion to the education and character of the amateur athletes. This endowment was established to help amateur athletes experience the relationship of sport, education and spirit, in recognition of Father Bauer’s lifelong contributions to both Canada’s national game and Canada’s youth. Awarded annually to a Notre Dame student who plays hockey.
  • Barrie Sali Memorial Bursary

    The Barrie Sali Memorial Bursary was created in honor of Barrie, past President and Chief Executive Officer of Timber Marts Ltd. Barry was raised on a dairy and grain farm in Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan, he has ten siblings. Barrie left everything behind and began at Timber Mart as a General Manager in 1970. The organization had only 18 members that year. Barrie would eventually take over as President and CEO, since then the company has grown exponentially. He emerged from the challenges and eventually he became one of Western Canada’s most dynamic and successful entrepreneurs. This bursary is awarded to a new student, or returning student from Western Canada who possesses integrity, dedication , solid moral principles and values, trust, honesty and hard work.

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  • Chernoff Family Foundation Bursary

    Access to education, and promoting critical thinking is a strong focus for the Chernoff family. Michael Chernoff’s parents, Bruce and Catherine recognized the importance and value of a higher education and dedicated their lives to seeing their children through Canadian universities. Following his post-secondary success Michael Chernoff and his wife Dorine, established the Chernoff Family Foundation Awards to carry on his parent’s intentions in providing students with access to a high level of education to further their ambitions and dreams. This bursary is awarded annually to 4 students all of whom are Saskatchewan based residents.
  • Gerald J. Maier Bursary

    The Gerald J. Maier Bursary was established by Gerry J. Maier. Gerry and his brother Leonard both attended Notre Dame and were deeply impacted by their experience. Gerry went on to become a petroleum engineer working around the world in the oil and gas industry including becoming Chairman of TransCanada Pipelines. In 2004, Gerry was appointed as an officer of the Order of Canada. Gerry served as the Chairman of the Board of Regents of Notre Dame and is currently the Chancellor of the College. The Gerald J. Maier Bursary is awarded annually to a student demonstrating financial need.
  • Ida P. Finnie Family Bursary

    Proud to call himself a Hound, Shaun Finnie’83 attributed the opportunity to attend Notre Dame to his hard working mother, Ida. She worked as a teacher, and supported Shaun’s every endeavor. Like many parents, Ida wanted the best education and opportunities for her son. In honor of Ida’s undying support, and to assist other parents with the same aspirations for their children, Shaun and the Finnie family established this bursary. Bursary awarded to a student who combines academic excellence with commitment to public service, placing the needs of others before their own.
  • McNeill Family Bursary

    J. Duncan and Verda McNeill are long-time friends of Notre Dame and Alumni Bill’52 and Lois’52 Mooney. Duncan and Verda were inspired by the influence Notre Dame and Pere Murray had made on the lives of his friends. Duncan was a leader Alberta’s oil industry and the founder of Master Flo Valve. Over the years, Duncan and Verda has made significant contributions to Notre Dame including a major renovation to now named, Duncan McNeill Arena and the McNeill Family Bursary. This need based bursary is awarded annually to students from Alberta, who play hockey.
  • Mike Vernon Bursary

    The Mike Vernon Bursary is awarded to a goaltender from Western Canada who strives for excellence.
For more information about Planned or Endowed gifts to Notre Dame, please contact Dave Harazny at 306-732-1201 or d.harazny@notredame.ca

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  • Giving Online

    Donors have the option of making secure on-line credit card gifts. Notre Dame accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. 

    This option can be accessed by .
  • Pledges

    Some donors may want to make a commitment to the HoundsFund but are not ready to start paying, also known as a Pledge. Pledges are a great way to kick-start your donations and gain some momentum especially when the pledges are committed early in the year. The Development Office will help you stay on top of that donation by mailing two pledge reminder letters during the year. 

    If you would like to start a new pledge, you can do so by calling Dave Harazny at 306-732-1201.
  • Corporate Matching Gifts

    Double the value of your gift to Notre Dame with a matching contribution from your employer.  Many companies will match gifts made by an employee, employee spouse, directors or retirees. Ask your company's Human Resources department if they have a matching gift program if so request a matching gift form from your employer. Send the completed form, signed with your gift to us and we will take for of the rest. 
    Dave Harazny
    Development Office
    PO Box 100
    Wilcox, SK
    S0G 5E0
  • Cash & Cheque Gifts

    In Canada:
    Please make cheques payable to “91㽶Ƶ” and mail to: 
    Development Office
    PO Box 100
    Wilcox, SK
    S0G 5E0

    In the United States:
    Please make cheques payable to “Friends of Athol Murray College” and mail to: 

    Friends of Athol Murray College
    c/o Harvard Investments, Inc.
    17700 North Pacesetter Way, Ste 100
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    United States

    To ensure U.S. donations are received prior to December 31st and for the purpose of receiving a U.S. tax receipt for the current calendar year, please .
  • Gifts of Securities

    By donating publicly traded stocks and securities, you not only support Notre Dame, but you receive a tax receipt for the appreciated value of the donation – and you are free from any capital gains tax. Gifts of securities can be made now or through your Will. The following account information is needed for an electronic transfer:
    Account #:  715-10148-13
    Dealer #:  9280
    FINS #:  T079
    CUIDS #:  WGDB
    DTC #:  5030
    EUROCLEAR #:  10034
    CIBC Wood Gundy 
    1801 Hamilton St., Suite 420
    Regina, SK  S4P 4B4

    Contact: Leila Pritchard
    Phone: 306-337-0137    
    Fax : 306-569-8616         
    Email: leila.pritchard@cibc.com

    *It is essential that the donor notify the School when he/she intends to transfer securities into the School's account. Securities cannot be sold until the donor has been identified.
  • Gifts in Kind

    Gifts in kind, also known as non-cash gifts, are gifts of property. They cover items such as artwork, equipment, securities, and cultural and ecological property. For more information about what qualifies please visit
  • Phone In A Gift

    To inquire about giving or to give over the phone, please call the Development Office at 306-732-1201 or by email at d.harazny@notredame.ca
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